Friday, 17 December 2010

Lord High Executioner

Am I the only one of the planet who is beginning to tire of Mr Julian Assange. 

There is only so much self righteous arrogant priggery a Timelord can take especially when it is the kind of concentrated dose this guy dishes out for our daily consumption. Perhaps it is all that frustrated or not so frustrated testosterone lying around in his system. If I were his host at his mansion retreat I would fear for spontaneous combustion and a nasty hole in the floorboards.

Like all men full of their own importance there is a certain comic touch about our Julian. As judge jury and executioner dispensing his leaks like the thunderbolts of the gods he protests when his targets bite back. How WS Gilbert would have loved him.  

Of course his acolytes turn their fire on those who dare oppose him. Paypal  Mastercard and Visa risk denial of service attacks for withdrawing their services from wikileaks.

So can Timelord now expect the wrath of the Anonymous for daring to publish this blog. Fear not. I  have lodged 3 million replicas in every galaxy of the solar system just in case.

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