Friday, 3 December 2010

A's bees swarm....

....C sees the bees and seizes them with E's. Whose bees are they?

So went the exam question in Timelord's Roman Law paper a long time ago now. And since then I have had a sort of sneaking admiration for these industrious insects in their hives if not a liking for the honey they produce.

Keeping bees in urban areas has grown in popularity in recent times in line with the ravages of bee colonies by parasitic mites. Timelord has even thought of a hive to the rear of the Tardis. Making illicit honey used to attract a $2,000 fine in New York but now there is a thriving community of bee keepers in Brooklyn. But sadly the bees have started turning red and their honey looks like bright red goo.

Careful detective work has discovered that the bees have been hitting the corn syrup at the local cherry factory in record numbers. They have found out that bins of marinating cherries are moved from one warehouse to another It only takes one bee to find a yummy treat like this and A's bees will swarm there along with C's D's E's and everyone else's. Forget the hard work of pollinating flowers and fruit trees and the like especially in a big city even if it is a mile to get there. And the result is not quite the delicious honey their owners were expecting.

It makes you wonder if the bee hives of Burton might produce marmite flavoured honey. Now there's a thought!

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