Sunday, 25 March 2012

A deadly equation.......

.......Hood + sweets + tea = dead (if you're black) and legally dead at that.

And so it seems in Orlando Florida where Trayvon Martin was shot dead last week on his way home from a trip to buy iced tea and sweets. According to his killer George Zimmerman a local neighbourhood watchman he looked suspicious and acted suspicious and on that basis  he shot the young man dead.

Some of us may not be surprised at what our gun toting gun obsessed friends across the Atlantic will do with their delusions of still living in the wild west. But what is so jaw droppingly gob smackingly mind blowing about this desperate tragedy is that the local police decided not even to arrest never mind charge the killer on the basis of a so-called "stand your ground law" enacted by the Florida Senate in 2005. And what weapon was this young man carrying to justify this life ending violence? None. Not even a special piece from Buffalo Bill's Shooting Store in Orlando itself.

From time to time this blogger has the honour of a rant in the style of FreeLanceNerd. And how I miss you FLN when there is a need for a good rant. And today I have been in ranting mood.

At least the local police chief has stepped down if only temporarily and a grand jury is to hear evidence on 10 April before deciding whether or not to charge Mr Zimmerman.

In the meantime I fear the wild west may catch up with Mr Z as the so called new Black Panther Party has put a bounty on his head. He seems to be lying low or is may be on the run. Methinks time to saddle up the posse and bring him in.