Sunday, 18 December 2011

Discovering the Higgs Boson in Four Oaks

Great excitement this week on Tuesday as scientists at the Large Hadron Collidor in Switzerland announced they were one step nearer discovering the elusive Higgs Boson.

To find it researchers sift through showers of sub atomic particles in the hope that Higgs will turn up and hey presto we will understand at last why things like quarks leptons photons and the like do what they do.

I can save them the bother. This week the Higgs Boson was discovered in Four Oaks right here in the Tardis.  Like all great scientific discoveries (you know the kind of thing, Archimedes and his bath and Newton and his apple) it sort of happened by chance.

 I walked into the front room and saw Teapot with a strange instrument in her hand which I now know to be a duster. I cannot remember seeing one here before. There was a sort of shaking before my eyes and a host of particles appeared. It was plain they had settled here for light years and perhaps even from shortly after the Big Bang itself. In the midst of this mass there was one with its own unique trail or signature. The Higgs Boson beyond doubt.

But there is no point rushing round here to see for yourself. Sadly there is no knowing when this phenomenon will be repeated. Even Einstein at his best could not write an equation which would predict when the duster might reappear.

So until then we will have to make do with the efforts of the LHC in Switzerland. Unless they find a duster.