Saturday, 30 October 2010

It's the Percys wot'll win it

Our noble lads  landed Down Under this week in their quest to retain the Ashes. 

In case any of you have been on planet Zod these last few weeks that is the trophy played for between England and Australia at cricket. We have even suffered the indignity of Cricket Australia projecting the image of their captain Ricky Ponting and vice-captain Michael Clarke onto Big Ben above the caption "Don't forget to pack the urn". The urn being where the famous ashes are kept.

In 1888 England lost at home for the first time to the old enemy and the Sporting Times published an obituary to English cricket.On the next tour to Australia a small urn was presented to the England team containing the ashes of a part of the wickets, perhaps the bail and the rest is history.

In 2006/07 on the last tour of Oz England were humiliated 5-0 but we hope and expect for better things this time. 

Many of us will be following the tweets of the England team and wondering at the same time what the giants of the game in the past would have made of all that. Somehow tweeting and Douglas Jardine of the famous Bodyline series do not quite seem to fit together. What we do know from the Burnley Bullet alias James Anderson is that packing 8 packets of Percy Pigs was top priority for him until he learned that Percys can be bought in Oz.

Now I wonder what amazing things can be done with the ball after a dash of Percy flavoured saliva? Or may be a touch of cola Haribo. Who says the English bowlers won't be able to swing it Down Under!

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Branson v Murdoch...and 4 years on

from 16 September 2006 and I am into a new blog......a regenerated blog if you like. It all started because of Freelancenerd and an attempt to pick up the baton or carry on the torch from the blog he began before he was so cruelly cut off from us on 10 September that year.

And the reason for this new blog is more mundane. Something that would have caused one of his infectious chuckles or may be one of his rants against the wickedness of unbridled capitalism.

You see after much deliberation we decided to move from Richard Branson to Rupert Murdoch. From Virgin Media to Sky for the simple reason Mr Branson was charging us too much. A lot too much in fact. So much that it made Teapot and me decide to make the move even though we would have some inconvenience.

So we have a new telephone number and a new email address for Timelord. And that's the rub. Because in the way of unintended consequences Mr Branson has decided I can no longer access my blueyonder email account even via the internet and that has cut off  access to Tales in the Timelord

But we Timelords are unbowed. By adding a few dots to the title hey presto I'm on air, or more to the point, in the blogosphere again!

Watch this space!