Wednesday, 20 April 2016


Here I am back in this part of the galaxy to pay tribute to FreeLanceNerd on what would have been his upcoming 40th birthday and what do I find?

Not only is the good ol' US of A in the grip of a election fever about a blond mop head on 2 legs but his twin brother is shouting the odds in the UK about something called Brexit and a referendum. What's more he's allied to a know-it-all who once declared the teaching establishment as the blob! He should have been with me in the star system at the top right of this picture and he'd know all about blobs. An Alice in Wonderland pair if ever I knew one.

So what is this Brexit about? Liberation from the bureaucrats of Brussels  cry Tweedledum and Tweedledee. Apparently it is something to do with leaving Europe and all those foreigners behind although how the UK "leaves" Europe is not immediately obvious to me. Is it to be floated off into the Atlantic towards sunnier climes?

But fellow time travelers whisper to me their ambition is much bigger than mere Brexit. Why stop there? We need to end the tyranny of the galaxy itself they mutter. If we break free from the tyrannical rule of gravity we can bounce all the way to Mars and beyond in a moment. Think of all that will save besides finding land to solve the housing shortage at a stroke! And the sooner we can halt all those aliens appearing on our TV screens the better. No more hiding behind the sofa to avoid daleks, cybermen, oods, judoons and dare I mention, weeping angels. The real agenda is Milkywexit - nothing less than reclaiming the heavens for planet earth!

 Sadly I cannot tap into the wisdom of FLN to discuss these matters with the seriousness they deserve. We miss his raging rants and rolling round the floor laughter to add spice and season to these weighty matters. But I shall do my best to ensure that his singular style is heard in these coming weeks as referendum day approaches. And remember what this is really all about.