Thursday, 23 December 2010


Christmas is full of them.

Journeys for Joseph and Mary, for the shepherds and the magi and all to Bethlehem. Some knew the way.  Others like the magi came a distance and took a detour to Jerusalem first even though they had the first ever SatNav.

And this Christmas Mrs FLN all the way to Dallas on her own.  Fighting her way through the snow and the check in queues and seeing all the disappointment of so many stuck at Heathrow these past few days and wondering if she would ever make it. And now she's approaching the Great Lakes as I write this. I am so proud of her.

But she is not quite alone in fact because I am reliably told that those intrepid reindeer Robbie and Rudolf are making the trip as well. Rudolf was all ready to fly Mrs FLN to Heathrow to make the connection. After all a few hundred miles down the spine of England is a mere training outing for Santa's finest the day before Christmas Eve. And they will be keeping a close eye on Mrs FLN all the time she is in the cowboy state.

There are other journeys some of my friends are taking which will not end this Christmas and they are not about going to Bethlehem.  Sometimes those journeys will seem very alone. Yet even then I would be surprised if there isn't a reindeer around somewhere. Watch out for them if you do not know already who they are.

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