Saturday, 8 January 2011


...was the byword of Darryl Kerrigan, hero of the Castle, my favourite Aussie film. And we sure have been dreaming these last 7 or 8 weeks as the 5 Ashes Tests have been played out down under.

Did we really watch all that cricket and listen to our radios in the small hours? Alistair Cook cannot have scored over 700 runs or Jimmy Anderson taken 24 wickets. Can they? Was it really three victories by an innings and the rest?

I am convinced I will wake up soon as if from a hibernation to the usual noise of Pom bashing headlines from the Aussie media as our brave lads go under Down Under again. But in the meantime let the dream continue.

Or in the case of Mr Kerrigan the nightmare. It just may be a good many years yet before the Ashes can again  go straight to the pool room.

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