Thursday, 10 November 2011

You have clocks.....

.....and we have time. So goes the old African proverb. But for Timelords we have time but also need clocks and the odd calendar to remind us of the day of the week (this week last week next week) as well as the hour of the day! And especially this Timelord who finds a bike ride in Sutton Park a challenge to his direction finder!

The swankiest lawyers offices have several clocks in the reception area telling the time in London, Paris, Moscow, Beijing and so on. A Timelord's paradise!

Not to be outdone we now have clocks in the Tardis set to Dubai time and Brazil time (Brasilia). My Dubai clock sits next to the photo of my friends Bill and Diana and my Brazil clock is in the office and reminds me of our friends Mike and Daveen in Trapiah.

Of course for Teapot every time is cup of tea time!

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