Sunday, 27 November 2011

There is an unexpected item in the bagging area

There is something rather 1984 let alone 2011 about being spoken to by a machine. All that deluge of techno babble from the Fat Controller at New Street Station about extinguishing smoking materials and not riding my bike on the platform or leaving baggage unattended which waits for me tomorrow morning like the dawn chorus.

So I must say I felt rather like an initiate into the resistance when I went to Sainsburys yesterday with Curly Al and he rather nonchalantly showed me the off button on the self service console. The store commandant was reduced to silence. No more unexpected items in the bagging area for me!!

The sense of power was tangible.

Sadly peace was shattered when Teapot announced she wanted Father Christmas to bring her a satnav this year. Aaagh. The thought of verbal violence in the car between Teapot and the sultry tones of the machine navigator is too much to bear.

After all as I have said to her if Father Christmas has managed all these years without one surely she can do the same.

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  1. Stephen, you do make me laugh. The next blog post should be to help those of us who don't know where the 'button' is! Rosie