Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Out for a Cup of Tea

There was a touch of P G Wodehouse about Sunday's goings on at the Test Match at Trent Bridge when Ian Bell was run out going for a cup of tea.

Just the sort of rum thing that you might have seen at a game of cricket between Bertram Wilberforce Wooster and his friends at the Drones Club.

It was very fitting that Teapot should have been there to witness Mr Bell's sacrifice of himself to the leaf, and even more so when our Indian opponents recalled him to the field of play some 20 minutes later after they had supped their own brew during the afternoon break in proceedings.

What seemed to clinch this demonstration of sportsmanship was the revelation that Mr Bell only drinks the finest Darjeeling. Sadly for them Tim Bresnan the Pontefract all rounder only drinks the Yorkshire variety and is said to oil his bat with the stuff. 90 runs and 5 wickets followed with the Indians slumping to one of their heaviest defeats in years yesterday.

Which left Teapot with the job of explaining Sunday's goings on to her French tutor in his native tongue. Now that is a challenge: even with a three cups of best Yorkshire under your belt!

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  1. I did try!! But how to begin! But we did drink a cup of Yorkshire tea to aid the process.......:-)
    Only one! Plus cake!