Saturday, 13 August 2011

Mutton Bustin

You may wonder what drives a well balanced Herdwick sheep to dial up long distance and speak to our resident ambassadress in Dallas.

Could it be he thinks Mrs FLN is missing his good looks? Is he worried that she might have become a tea party goer thinking somehow that she might have been lured to one of their rallies by the thought of a cup of best Yorkshire?

No, the truth is he wanted to pick all the news from latest Wool Riders Only Mutton Bustin championship in Dallas. Mutton Bustin is Bronco Bustin for the very young.Riders must be under the age of 6 and weigh less than 27 kilos. The aim is to stay on board the sheep for 6 seconds and with 13,000 competitors over 13 events there is $15,000 at stake in the world championships in California this autumn.

Health and safety, animal welfare, child protection, who cares!!

Wesley has been disappointed that the latest odds are not quoted at Corals in Mere Green and has decided to promote an event at the Coppice School summer fair next year. Sheep weigh in at 200 lb or so which means Wesley need to put in some serious grazing over the next 12 months.

Need your grass mowing. You know who to call!

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