Thursday, 28 April 2011

The Trump Card

Foul and scurrilous rumours have been circulating the galaxy about Timelord's place of birth.

Some have even suggested he may have been found one night in Pickles field somewhere in that alien enclave called Woodcroft by an ex soldier turned rate collector and his daughter going to pick up an extra pint of milk.

It seems that birthers as they are called are not satisfied with their falsehoods about the President of the USA but question how your blogger could claim to be born in Burnley when he only has eight fingers and two thumbs. Could it be he emerged one day from a coal hole at the bottom of Booth Road Stacksteads, near the house where he took his first bath in a tin tub before a roaring front room fire.

So here it is. His birth certificate. Clearly showing Bank Hall Hospital, sadly now closed, in Burnley.

But what is this. A search of the hospital records deposited at the Lancashire Records office reveals that records for the relevant year have mysteriously disappeared. Could it be that Donald Trump has more tricks up his sleeve? Have wikileaks been at work? Is Timelord the heir to the throne of Gallifray?

Who really knows?


  1. We have a right to know- and now we do. :) Even the pope has to have his gonads checked to make sure he's male before he appears before the masses.

  2. Freelance Nerd would be steaming in at this point,batting for the other side!!!