Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Someone's smiling at the Holte End....

... but there are not many doing that these days. Unless of course at the thought of tucking into a savory meat pie of the kind Curly Al used to sell!

It is nearly 3 years since I last posted in the blogosphere but the dire events at Villa Park this season have compelled me to take to cyberspace once more.

After all how could I stand by when I can feel the disbelief, anger, outrage and despair of FreeLanceNerd. I can still point to the impressions in the wall of our back bedroom where he hammered his head in frustration after one especially bad result. And there was the European game under floodlights when he was so excited at the Villa scoring a goal his glasses fell off and he managed to stand on them in his delighted dance.

Bring back Deadly Doug. Please sell Mr Lerner - even to Donald Trump! Now that would bring FLN to the boil! What a delicious thought...

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