Saturday, 11 August 2012

A golden tardis

So the police have arrested a man for painting a post box gold in Lymington in honour of Ben Anslie the Olympic gold medal sailor who lives there. Apparently he was upset that the Royal Mail were going to paint a post box gold in Cornwall where Ben grew up but not in Lymington. Mr Smith was rewarded with a night in the cells for his pains.

Royal Mail spokesman Heulyn Gwyn Davies said: "We are extremely disappointed that someone has chosen to vandalise this particular post box."

In Doddington Lincolnshire a post box was painted bronze by fans of the British Hockey team midfielder Georgie Twigg. The Royal Mail announced they would repaint it red as soon as possible.Leave painting post boxes to our engineers said a spokesperson. 

Do I get the feeling someone is getting a bit above themselves? If the Royal Mail can afford to hire engineers to work as painters and decorators our first class stamps will soon be one pound and rising.Odd though I have not yet heard of any painting of post boxes in Yorkshire even with all those gold medals in the white rose county. You might have thought Sheffield would have an outbreak of them what with Jessica Ennis and all. All those law abiding Tykes may be? Or a shortage of gold paint? Or perhaps a little reluctance to splash out on the purchase of the odd brush?

Now where will the gold paint break out after the heroics of Mo Farah tonight? I will put the Royal Mail out of their misery right now by offering Mo's fans the chance to paint the tardis gold. And how will that look as it hurtles around the universe.

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