Friday, 7 October 2011

Granddad Ste'en tells a story

Fireman Sam was looking forward to his new home.

 It wasn't his fault his lodgings had caught fire on Wednesday morning. It was very embarrassing nonetheless. There he was having some well deserved shut eye after the night shift and before you could say Naughty Norman he was rescued by Station Officer Steele from an upstairs window in his birthday suit. Very comfortable too those lodgings had been these past nine months.

Still Fireman Sam had heard all sorts of good things about his new des res. No one had mentioned rent. There were lots of new clothes. He had lost everything in that fire.  His new landlady was known throughout Pontypandy as a whiz with the sewing machine if any of them needed altering: a nip here or a tuck there. Plenty of  marmite sandwiches too, and cider cake at last once a week. His name already on the door of his room. And he'd been told visitors always take their shoes off so as not to disturb an off duty fireman having a kip.

What more could he want.

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