Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Those whom the gods wish to destroy...

....they first make mad

But why oh why choose the owners of AVFC! And what greater sign of madness than to interview the bluenose manager or ex manager a certain Alex McLeish.

There is rejoicing in the Holte End over every bluenose who repents but as they say is the Pope no longer a Catholic? Will a Capulet become a Montague? Can the Texans lay down their guns? Will Teapot give up the leaf? Have the French abandoned their croissants?

We must be living in a parallel universe. The realm of anti matter has arrived. Morgana le Fay has cast her spell and Deadly Doug must be recalled to break it
But until that day man the barricades in Witton Lane. Sound the trumpet. Beat the drum. The bluenose shall not pass!

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