Sunday, 7 November 2010

Tying the Knot

The film "Mandelson the real Prime Minister" has just opened in London. In the film Mandy is said to have lost patience with Gordon Brown's media presence, or rather lack of it, saying

"I've given up - I'd settle for the tie being straight".

Now here is a little secret. Teapot has a sort of liking for the Prince of Darkness. As soon as his oily voice comes on the radio or the TV she goes all a quiver. But she has not given up on Timelord. That's even though most days he goes to work she has to make sure his tie is straight.

There is something  kind of comforting  about the Teapot tie straightening ritual these dark mornings. Perhaps the kind of feeling Bertram Wooster had on leaving for the Drones Club in the knowledge Jeeves had made sure everything was spick and span. Although I would not want anyone to think that a partners meeting at Wragge & Co LLP was anything like a gathering of Gussy Finknottle, Barmy Fungy Phipps, Tuppy Glossop, Boko Fittleworth and their chums.

What is unusual these days is for any of the men in the office to wear a tie at all. Sometimes ties are produced only when about to meet a client and then not always. So come Tuesday's partners meeting there is a fair chance that Timelord will be the sole tie wearer in the room.

This rather reflects my non-conformist rebellious streak. It may explain why at a rather splendid wedding in Christ Church College Chapel this summer Timelord was the only man present without a tie......

......or was it because Teapot was on her way back from France at the time and there was no one to straighten it?

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